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We develop your international sales
EAQUE Développement is
  • specialized in Business development for SME's (Small & Medium Size Enterprises), part of the French OSCI (Organization of Companies Specialized in International Business Development)

  • above all THE PARTNER OF SME's for their International business development.

EAQUE Développement has been created in 1995 by Evelyne Blaevoet after 13 years as Export Director (8 yrs/LEGRAND Group - Electrotechnical sector, 4 yrs/Paper Industry - creation of the German subsidiary, 1 yr/Senior Export Consultant, after studies in International Business (Master 2 “International Affairs” at the University of Paris-Dauphine and a Master Degree (Master 1) at the University of Paris-Sorbonne.

EAQUE Développement's main objective is to advise operationally Managers of SME's in their commercial development projects, in the definition of their commercial strategy and to set up concrete actions and structures to achieve commercial developments and results.

In a few words : EAQUE is a Greek divinity, son of Jupiter and Egine. The Greek Gods appointed him judge of the Europeans.

Business development, with Success… Passionately !