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Business development, with Success… Passionately !
(by Véronique de Chavagnac, Président-Directeur Général)

The adventure started in 1999 with an Export audit and today, it still continues…

For now about 10 years I entrust Evelyne Blaevoet / EAQUE Développement with our commercial, business development, starting originally on international markets and then -as in industrial sub- contracting we have mainly an approach by sectors of application rather than by country- on the French market as well.
Externalizing the function of Export Commercial Manager (for example for 1/5 or 1/4 of the time), which permits targeted actions, is particularly well adapted to the needs and requirements of small and medium-sized companies.

Evelyne Blaevoet, thanks to her commercial results as business developer, actively contributes to our growth.

EAQUE Développement furthermore permits us to carry on commercial and technological knowledge management (KM) activities on our markets.

Thus we could develop with Evelyne Blaevoet in-depth activities in high- tech sectors  as the Aeronautical & Space, Automotive (Automotive Testing) industries for high added-value industrial applications and become leaders for our applications in such markets as Automotive Crash tests, UAV-launching (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles-launching),…

Véronique de Chavagnac
Président-Directeur Général

(by Philippe Chapé, General Director)

The great specificity of our company, MECA-RECTIF, is that we are operating on
  • a market niche
  • proposing a very specific technology
  • to targeted customers, which are very difficult to precisely identify in commercial prospecting activities.

To solve this triple problem is the challenge that EAQUE Développement had to cope with when we entrusted Evelyne Blaevoet, some years ago, with the commercial consulting for our Export development.
We have no regret as, starting from activities 100 % concentrated on the French market (we started from scratch in Export, everything at that time had to be built up on Export markets), we very rapidly reached our objective : To receive regularly inquiries from Europeans principals of our sector, on projects and price offers leading to concrete firm orders for MECA-RECTIF.

We appreciate in particular :
  • the rigour and special care brought in the preparation and the promotion of our participation in professional exhibitions on Export markets
  • the reactivity and dynamism in the follow-up activities, we observed in the commercial prospecting operations, in particular on the German market, which was our strategic objective
  • the perfect appropriateness of the methods utilized, with the expectations and constraints of an industrial SME of the mechanical sector.  

EAQUE Développement is our provider in business development and we recommend its service to all companies looking for a relation based on confidence for commercial consulting for their Export activities.

Philippe Chapé
Directeur Général
MECA-RECTIF S.A. - N° 1 in France for double-face grinding between grinding wheels.