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We develop your international sales

Our    methodology
Business development, with Success… Passionately !
We would like to insist on our operational commercial approach, with the main objective to achieve concrete commercial results, an effective commercial development on the markets & sectors targeted.
Numerous French companies, of which we can provide you the references on request, can confirm the commercial results obtained. For some companies, we have been cooperating for over 10 years.

In the case of a direct approach, for example in industrial subcontracting, we propose you to make your know-how -if possible differentiated- known by the decision makers of the target customers selected through the following methodology :
  • to establish a data base of your target customers, “alter ego” of your present customers
  • to check by phoning who are the decision-makers for your know-how and define their direct phone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • to prepare a support for the e-mailing describing your company, your specific differentiated know-how and capabilities, your main customer references (with your machine park attached)
  • e-mailing, followed (4 to 5 days later) by qualified phoning operations, based on convincing arguments in order to get, usually after the signature of NDA, requests for quotations, based on your specific know-how.

Approach and sources :

  • Contacts based on a close cooperation, in network, with local partners, with trade associations in France (FIM, UFIMO, Comité Mécanique,…) and on the markets targeted.

  • Research, surveys and investigations essentially from local sources, from trade fairs,…

  • through KM (Knowledge Management) sources, search and meta- search engines, specialized data bases and directories,…

  • through direct approach of the target markets.

Confidentiality : EAQUE Développement, as a SAI (Company specialized in International Business Development), signed a professional code of deontology and commits itself not to disclosing confidential informations relating to the companies, of which EAQUE Développement is developing their business activities.